We help you create and manufacture products

Imagination linked to knowledge

Your customers demand continuous innovation of product and design. How do you create distinctive collections? How do you achieve unity among the different collections? How do you correctly assess the trends and consumer wishes with regard to product features?

U+ Design Studio

product design & development

Industrial Designer Jon Assink is the creative head of our design studio. Based on our extensive knowledge of target groups and experience, we design and develop consumer products for prominent labels with a strong brand identity and international reputation, such as Studio Piet Boon and HEMA. We use our creativity and problem-solving capacities to provide cohesion and unity to the collections. Vital in any retail organisation.

We believe in maximal involvement of all parties, to create as efficient a design process as possible. As a pivot of this process we combine your wishes with expert knowledge to reach the best design result. Our wish: to apply our creativity to the design of technical products.

Our basic principles of design are:

U+ Design Studio converts brand experience into unique and innovative products

» quality and aesthetics
» uniqueness and immediate recognisability
» smart design: beauty and practicality through innovative, additional functionalities
» focus on ergonomics and comfort
» regard to manufacturing costs (Design-to-Cost)
» use of sustainable materials